Why We all Should Pre-planDennis Sweeney Pre-planning services

  • Peace of Mind: That you will have the funeral you’ve personally arranged and your family won’t have to second guess your wishes.
  • Personalization: You plan your service so that it is a celebration of your life and make it a positive experience for your loved ones.
  • Price Guarantee: We guarantee the cost of all fully funded pre-arrangements at today’s prices, relieving you and your family of future financial responsibilities.
  • Convenience: You may make your plans at home or at our office, selecting the plan that suits your needs.


Today everyone wants a service to be a celebration of the life lived. Such services are more meaningful to those who loved them and provide the opportunity to commemorate that unique and special person.

Remember the loving momentsWe always encourage personalization with:

  • Favorite music
  • Photos of family and friends
  • Personal readings or poetry
  • A work of art or handicraft
  • Keepsakes held dear, such as; a signature hat, favorite books, gardening tools, fishing rod, golf clubs…

We can help you plan and record your wishes and advise your family on ways to fulfill them. We will assist in arranging your funeral to your preferences. Your files will be kept safe until the need arises.

In a World with Only Two Guarantees

For over 90 years, Dennis Sweeney Funeral Home’s tradition of reliability stands as our guarantee that we’ll be here to honor your pre-arranged plans. Choosing us gives you security and peace of mind.

Guaranteed Protection:
A one-time payment means you are protected for the full cost of a funeral regardless of when you may need it. Through pre-payment, funeral costs are frozen at today’s price levels, ensuring that inflation will not alter the quality of your service.

Affordable Short-term Payment:
The premiums can be paid in one lump sum amount or spread out over a twelve-month period, leaving no unexpected financial burden.

Quality Funeral Service:
Dennis Sweeney Funeral Home’s long reputation for organized and well-planned services means your family will get the finest degree of understanding and assistance. A professional service means fewer headaches, last-minute decisions and less stress for a bereaved family.

Benefit Transferability:
If you move, Dennis Sweeney Funeral Home will pay the attained value for services to another funeral home.

No Age Restriction:
These plans can be written for any age — from birth to 100. Regardless of your health, we have a plan that can be adapted to your needs.

Reduction of Assets:
Pre-arrangements are endorsed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a way to reduce assets. This helps meet state and federal requirements for Medicaid or nursing home care.

Massachusetts regulations currently provide that funds on deposit in irrevocable pre-need accounts may not be withdrawn by a funeral home unless the account is closed following death.

Our funeral director, Dennis Sweeney, can visit you in your home to help you select a plan that best suits your needs. There’s no time like the present.

If you would like more information about the Dennis Sweeney Funeral Home Pre-arrangement Program, please contact our office by telephone or through this contact form.

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